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How to choose the best cupcake holder?

Date:2013-12-03 16:36source:未知 Writer:Cookie

A cupcake holder can be a great way to protect cupcakes from damage while they are being transported somewhere, or even when just storing them in the freezer for later. To choose the best cupcake holder, consider how you normally display cupcakes, and if they are often displayed in the birthday party, wedding and so on. Most cupcake holders are very inexpensive, especially which are made of corrugated cardboard, so you can have more than one kind for different uses. 

The type of cupcake holder that we provide has an entirely different purpose: the display of cupcakes. These are referred to as cupcake stands, and are not used to transport cupcakes. A cake stand is a piece of kitchen equipment which is designed for the purpose of decorating and displaying cakes. Instead, they allow the cupcakes to be displayed on multiple tiers, similar to a wedding cake. In fact, many people use multiple tiered cupcake stands to display cupcakes at their weddings, in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. 

A display cake stand, on the other hand, is designed to be ornamental as well as functional, and it may be painted, carved, inlaid, or etched. Decorative cake stands are used to display cakes at bakeries and stores, and at events where cake is served. We make tiered cake stands, which allow multiple cakes to be displayed at once; cake stands can also be integrated into the design of a wedding cake to separate the layers of the cake.

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