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Cardboard Cupcake Tower

Date:2013-08-21 15:02source:未知 Writer:Cookie

We have talked about Cupcake tree in the previous article, now let's talk about the others. 
Other types of the cupcake stand are a series of circles or squares that are separated by a center base between each layer, called cardboard cupcake tower. These can have a few layers or many of them and can even be made at home with heavy cardboard and materials like Styrofoam, or round heavy cardboard rolls. Such stands can grow impressively large when people order cupcakes as dessert for large parties. Alternately, they can have just enough layers to stack a couple dozen cupcakes for a home party. Since people can make a cupcake stand, size of the stand really depends on individual needs and preferences.

Square Corrugated Cupcake Display StandThose who enjoy making and/or serving cupcakes, may be interested in purchasing a cupcake stand. There are plenty available at kitchen supply stores and in large department stores that feature kitchen or baking supplies. Many online stores stock them, and crafts stores may have them if they have cake decorating supplies.

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 2 Tiers Cupcake Stand                     cake POP stand                       Single Tier Cake Stand

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